The Chambers for Space Inquiries –  Kanzlei fuer Raumbefragungen was founded by the composer and sound artist Gerriet K. Sharma, the project manager and researcher Saskia Reither and the designer Nico Bergmann in 2010 to realize the project {kA} : keine Ahnung von Schwerkraft (Oblivious to Gravity) within the following five years. In spring 2014 the group was joined by the actress-performer Verena Lercher.

The members research, document and reflect what kind of acoustic possibilities and sound qualities temporarily empty buildings can have and transform the results into a multi-part art project. Thereby the Chambers for Space Inquiries is a platform to control and realize these project and a point of departure to connect this project with other artistic and theoretical approches. It´s work can be understood as an attempt to master a creation process of artistic composition which is formed through and exists in dialogue with its requirements from the four aspects of music, communication, planning and technical realization. The artistic material used in the projects can thus not be referred to as an invention, but rather as a process born out of the interaction and teamwork between the members of the “ensemble”. Planning, communication, reflection of theory and documentation all affect each other and are integral parts of the artistic process. It is in itself an artistic entity.

Working in the fields of sound art, performance and spatial theory, today the Chambers for Space Inquiries is concerned interdisciplinarily with the artistic thematisation of concepts of space. Therefore the group collaborates with architects, urban planners, composers, performers, theorists, and institutions dealing with space as an intersection of shared interests and concerns.