Fast Forward Drift Synthesis

What has once been a clearly defined state, territory, economic institution, a geographic entity, a structuring aid like every day linear time conceptions or historical narrative, has been caused to sway years ago and undergoes a unstoppable and irresistible morphology, now. A phenomenon that renders this dissolution readable is the successive development of YoutubeDotCom which has become the Golden Gate to a mapping system that not only marks and links groups of interests together but builds and globally forms them into inter-regional entities. E-mails, posts, Twitter, Facebook, news ticker, online-tutorials on Youtube, Skype conferences etc. take place entangled, overlapping and simultaneously. Hence “The Switch“ as the continuous motion for the instantaneous absorption of diverse sources of information only just enables the participation in networks, communities and social instances.

Fast Forward Drift Synthesis will research these morphologies as a paradigm of our contemporary perceptual situation and making it tangible within a live radio play situation. Therefor an ambisonic space will be installed with 16 loudspeakers on stands with different levels and angles, linked with a network of microphones, laptops and turntables controlled by the three members of the group. Mediatized and mediatriggered every day experiences will be structured in five chapters and transformed as material for a performative sonification. Hereby mediawill be acoustically and lyrically feedbacked with itself through the transfer oft texts and pictures into speech and sound, adapted as a esthetical material. Additionally eight LPs will be produced with read texts and sounds from the research period. These LPs, as a container like archive media, will be used in the live performance applying another cultural technique that is DJing with all its skills (e.g. scratching), altering the structure of information dissemination and reception as well as the handling of contents.
 Trigger moments between sound-space-instrument and performers continuously shift, the latter being initiators and consumers at the same time.

Performance: Verena Lercher
Composition and musical performance: Gerriet K. Sharma
Dj-ing and live-streaming: Nico Bergmann


FFDS Proposal [PDF]

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